I have been studying Psalm 91. It has long been a favorite of mine. My Bible is more than sufficiently underlined and highlighted on the page. There is even artwork hanging in my bedroom bearing the first verse. 

I have memorized most of it; prayed it daily over my family and prayed it fervently during times of difficulty and crisis. When our firstborn was life flighted to Louisville with a life-threatening medical condition, this Psalm was ever on my lips. During her surgery, my Bible set on my lap or lay open on the side table in the waiting room. I prayed it over and over again. 

God’s Word is strong and faithful and true. I wrap His promises around me like a warm blanket. In my fear, I have learned to settle into His Word and rely on its comforting power. 

Different translations offer various wording. I think my favorite with regard to verse one, is the King James because is calls God’s shelter, “the secret place”. My devotion a few days ago highlighted Psalm 91. It stated that we must dwell there, in the sure and secret place. 

“Make it your home. Your dwelling-place. Over that home shall My shadow rest, to make it doubly safe, doubly secret…How safe, how sure, you must feel. When fears assail you, and cares trouble you, then it is because you have ventured out of that protecting Shadow. Then the one, the only thing to do is to creep back into shelter again. So rest.”

We are encouraged to practice true, real and worshipful abiding. “No fitful visit” it states. To make this Secret Place place our home, we must spend time there. Our home is where Jesus is and until we get to Heaven, He is offering us a home here on Earth with Him, in the secret place, under His shadow. And when we venture here, surely we will “say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God, in whom I trust.” (NIV)

(Devotion excerpts from God Calling)