God’s purpose in history is implicitly disclosed: to invade the arena of fallen humanity and effect the redemption of his creation — the mission in which his people are also to be totally engaged.– NIV Study Bible (Zondervan) 

I read this statement in my Bible commentary as I was preparing to study one of the Old Testament books. Days later, it is still circling my thoughts. As His people, we are supposed to be totally engaged in His mission…to share the gospel. To effect change by invading empty hearts and loving others. To create ripples of influence and reach people for Christ. 

Mother Teresa stated it very well, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Perhaps as adults we absently pitched pebbles into a lake, pondering life’s mysteries. Or as  children we skimmed stones across a pond, competing for bragging rights. By one, simple act we disturbed the calmness. We created ripples. Whether the ripples were large or small does not really matter. That detail is not as important as the ripple. The ripple is the point. The ripple matters. 

I think Jesus’ ripples were His mission. He came to earth by way of the womb in the tiny, insignificant town of Bethlehem. Yet, His influence, His life, and His love, continue to reach beyond time and space and any human boundaries. No one in all of history has been more influential. Even if people are not followers of Christ, they are impacted by His life. Christmas and Easter are celebrated by the masses. If only twice a year, most people acknowledge His existence. 

After Jesus made His fleshly appearance, life on earth was never the same. From the controversial words He spoke, to the miracles He performed and the new ideas He offered, Jesus was constantly shaking things up. His purpose was long ago defined: Change the world; create ripples. 

So, how do we create ripples in this big, big world and reflect His image? We toss a stone.

I think we all have a collection of stones. Can you sing, yet rarely utter a note? Do you enjoy cooking, but seldom break bread with your neighbors? Do you have plenty and give little? What gifts, talents and resources do you possess but do not use for His purposes and His glory?

Un-cast stones never create ripples.

Is it time to toss a stone?