Our waiting period is God’s preparation time. In bringing about His sovereign purposes, He may put us on hold while He coordinates events to line up with His will. Sometimes the Lord has work to accomplish in us before we are ready to handle what He’s planned for our future. Also, waiting helps strengthen us spiritually. If we instantly received His direction, we would rarely have the opportunity to exercise our faith. Christian maturity becomes evident in the ability to wait in peaceful confidence, trusting that in God’s time, we will know what to do.

~ In Touch Ministries


While waiting and wondering about the call, there was a practical decision that needed to be made. I needed to work. Our savings was depleted and we were out of time. We were still committed to homeschooling and my income needed to be consistent and the work home-based if possible. Through a series of events that could only be God-ordained, our family was introduced to five other families and began a full time child care business, or some might say ministry, in the fall of 2013. We needed them as much as they needed us. 

We were blessed beyond measure by these little ones and their families. We watched them grow, celebrated the births of two new ones and fell in love with all of them. Though not a scenario we ever imagined, it was where we were supposed to be for a season. 

The call to ministry was ever before us. As the years passed, we were slowly gaining insight, learning to exercise faith, patience and discipline. Over the next few years we celebrated high school graduations, college acceptance letters, new jobs and new drivers. Life was moving along at full speed. And then the world stopped spinning for a few days.

*   *   *

“She needs to be life flighted to Louisville. Tonight.” 



“We’ve found a small bleed on the brain.” That’s what the doctor told us. 

Katie, our 21 year old, had been having headaches. They got progressively worse and we ended up in the emergency room on Saturday, March 21 of 2015. A CT scan revealed a cerebral hemorrhage, possibly due to a small aneurysm or malformation on the brain.

More tests. More phone calls. Nurses coming in and out. The helicopter is on the way. She’s going to the University of Louisville Hospital. 

I remember reading a story of a mom standing helpless, watching a helicopter take off with her son inside. He too was being rushed to a hospital with a life threatening condition. She prayed Psalm 91 over and over. I didn’t think that would be me one day. 

I couldn’t see the helicopter take off, but I heard it. I prayed Psalm 91 over and over. I cried. We drove to Louisville in the middle of the night petitioning the Lord for our daughter to be okay. 

She was. She is.

It was a two year journey. Surgery to repair a bleeding aneurysm. Radiation to zap an AVM which caused the aneurysm. And two years of check ups and waiting. A CT scan revealed complete healing in 2017. We praise Him still today.

*            *            *

The next season of life is detailed in a previous post (Already There, December 12, 2019).

And today I stand in awe of what God has done…and is doing. The call to ministry was real. God has directed our steps in specific ways. 2018 was a time for grieving, healing, resting and preparing. 2019 began with prayer, fasting and conversations of ministry. God put together a board of directors, our 501-C-3 non-profit status was approved and Fireside Ministries was launched.

Over 10 years in the making. God is faithful.

I invite you to visit us at firesideministries.net. We are also on FaceBook and Instagram. God is at work. We are trying to keep up. As He continues to direct our path we covet your prayers.

*            *           *

Our family has learned some hard truths simply because we draw breath. If we are living, we are learning. And over these last several years, I have learned some truths that help in forging ahead today.

As I sought Him, I learned to pray. In prayer, I learned to listen. While listening, I learned obedience. In being obedient, I learned to study His Word. With knowledge of His Word, I learned patience. While being patient, I learned to trust. While trusting, I was humbled. 

And with humility, true surrender follows.

In the living, came the learning.