I slid behind the steering wheel of my son’s truck. My car was in the shop and there were errands to run. It is a well-known fact, and often discussed, just how desperately he needs to clean out his truck. He would be the first to tell anyone that it’s a mess. Stained seats from spilled beverages, fast food wrappers strewn about, jackets, shoes, backpacks and more. He definitely lives out of his truck. And it definitely needs a good cleaning.

In the midst of the mess, set a perfectly beautiful flower. Adorning the sticky cupholder, was an orchid, in all of its lovely glory. It sure seemed out of place. It was out of place. Then I remembered my son telling me that he was going to give his sister a flower. She had had a rough weekend and he wanted to brighten her Monday afternoon a bit.

As I ran my errands, I stopped seeing the mess around me. All I saw was the lovely little orchid. Simple beauty in the midst of a mess. I also reflected on the heart behind why this flower was here at all…because someone cared. My son cared that his older sister was struggling to find her joy. So, he decided to help her.

He was being the hands and feet of Christ to another person. He was looking beyond himself and investing in another. Kindness makes a difference. Many yard signs around town display the message “Be Kind”. It’s simple, yet profound. It can change a heart, change a life, save a life.

In the midst of the mess, I, too, want to find beauty. I not only want to find beauty, I want to dwell there. And the only way I know to dwell there is to let Christ take me there.

He is beautiful. He is kind. He is everything the world doesn’t know it needs. He is out of place, His beauty missed, His kindness overlooked.

But, what if?

What if we recognized Him in a stranger’s smile, a child’s laughter or a baby’s cry?

What if we looked past the mess, and saw the beauty?

What if an empty tomb triumphed over a sin-racked world?

Would our days look different? Mine would.

I admit it. I am guilty. It’s difficult not to focus on the mess sometimes. Life is hectic and hard. Yet, I want to try. I want to see more beauty. I want to be more kind. I want my redeemed life to celebrate Christ’s life, all of it.

His sacrifice saved me. His resurrection freed me. I am free to focus on the beauty instead of the chaos around me. And that is what I choose to do. As this Easter season approaches and I anticipate all of the sweet traditions that go along with it, Holy Week services, cute baskets, egg hunts, country ham, potato casserole, picking flowers and raising the windows, I will also celebrate with new perspective.

In the midst of the mess, Christ is everything good. His beauty surpasses anything this world offers and His kindness is etched into His nail-scarred hands.