Choosing curriculum for your home school can be a very daunting task. When we first began our home school journey, a wise mother told me that I would spend lots of money on curriculum and not even use it. Well, she was correct.

If you are just beginning your home school journey, I encourage you to proceed slowly with buying any curriculum at all. If you have younger children, start with simple activities and games in math, spelling and language arts. There are so many free resources on-line these days. Jump on your computer and simply search for printable sheets in various subject areas. There are on-line resources for older students as well. Dedicate some time for research.

(Hint: a good, reliable copier/printer is a must)

It’s important to take time to learn how you teach and how each of your children learns. And when I say “take time” I mean take six months to a year before committing to hundreds of dollars in curriculum. An excellent way to sample various curriculum without breaking the budget is to visit used home school bookstores. You can purchase a variety in many subject areas and try them out. But, again, be careful because you can still end up spending a lot of money here as well if you allow yourself.

When I really wanted to focus on my school year ahead and make notes and lists, I left the kids at home and took time to shop by myself.

One year, I even booked a hotel room for myself and spent two days submerged in it all. I attended a curriculum fair that hosted workshops and speakers as well. It was an encouraging and refreshing “get away” and I also accomplished much needed planning.

The curriculum links below are all ones that I have personally used and liked. As my children grew, we made changes accordingly. There were a few that I used for all four students, like Teaching Textbooks for math. After trial and error with my oldest, and getting her feedback, we finally settled on TT. I used Easy Grammar for all of them too. It was a good fit for everyone at varying ages and skills.

To say we home schooled in just about every way possible is an understatement. We tried the video streaming, where teachers taught my children from a television screen. We signed up with a satellite school that offered not only teaching and lessons, but grading as well. Boxed curriculum by grade level was another attempt. Co-op classes came in handy on occasion too.

There are so many ways to home school, finding out what fits best for your family will take time. Don’t rush the process or feel guilty for not being “settled in” after a few months or even a few years. Everyone’s needs change, yours too.

Feel free to email me with any questions about the curriculums listed below.

Also, your local library can be a tremendously handy resource. I used our library for many literature, science and history lessons.

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