If you would like to represent your family home school with a booth or table display, please review the guidelines and fill out the application. Your table display should include in prominent lettering on a banner and/or display board, the name of your home school and any other pertinent items to convey your unique experience such as: Photos, curriculum samples, art samples, science displays, writing samples, projects, business cards, pamphlets, flyers, etc. Include anything that would encourage someone newly interested in home schooling or just starting out, like a timeline with years you have home schooled. Also include anything in which you specialize or have a solid body of knowledge, experience or interest such as record keeping, high school transcripts, applying to college, music lessons, sports, etc. You are welcome to feature items at your table or booth that are for sale such as used curriculum, services or products. There is no charge for booth space. Please fill out the form below to reserve your spot.