Last week, I mentioned the notion that, as Christ followers, we are called to task. To create ripples of influence in this world and point others to Him. However, our pockets may be full of un-cast stones that involve our time, talent and resources.

Imagine a pebble tossed into a pond. A single stone affects the entire entity. The stone may be small, oddly shaped, or rough to the touch. Not perfect. Not pretty. Perhaps even a bit peculiar. Some may call it just an ordinary rock. It makes no difference. The result is the same. Ripples.

And creating ripples is what we’re called to do.

We’re not perfect, though. Are we? We’re ordinary, really. And our lives may not be pretty. Some of us are even a bit peculiar and rough around the edges. It makes no difference. If we’re His, we’re called.

Remember back in December, when I shared about my call to write? And the mandate to write with transparency. Well…

I have a pocket full of rocks, but in my pocket I often prefer they stay. I have little interest in hurling them anywhere to create ripples for anyone. By nature, I am an introvert. I am happy and content with my daily routine. I don’t like new experiences. It’s easier and safer to remain in my comfort zone. And if I am being really transparent, I must admit I spent many years not really liking people. They’re messy. They lie, cheat and steal. They’re selfish, rude and crude. They create chaos where calm could clearly be if not for stirring the pot and concocting drama liken to a three-ring circus. Shall I continue? Probably not.


Jesus clearly teaches us to love even when those around seem unlovable. And He lived out what He taught: Jesus Christ loved us enough to die on the cross for us while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8) Surely, out of gratitude for what He did and in reliance on the Lord’s strength, we—His followers—can love others (1 John 3:14)                                                              ~ In Touch Ministries


I am one of them. I am selfish and chaotic and messy.

You are too.

But, if we’re His, we’re still called. Life lived within our comfort zones may seem easier. But it’s not better.

It’s past time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Why? Because He first loved us.

I believe true, sold out followers of Jesus will never discover true fulfillment in their walk unless they deliberately step outside of what is comfortable and easy and purposefully engage with this messy world we live in.

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? What is God calling you to do?

Help in the church nursery? Serve a meal to the homeless? Start a ministry?Take a mission trip? Get out of debt? Home school your children? Join a Bible study? Get a degree? Change jobs? Go to counseling? Find a mentor? Overcome an addiction?

The first few stones pulled from your pocket may need to be small ones, where the ripples do not extend beyond yourself or your family. That’s fine and quite appropriate for some. Others may be ready to cast larger stones and have the ripples reach far and wide.

Once the decision is made to step outside your comfort zone, I encourage you to first seek Him and not the task. Dig into His Word and let Him teach you. Make time to just sit. Listen. Ponder. Dream. His direction will come.

It has been my experience that when His children seek their Abba Father, He makes himself known. Perhaps not immediately. Perhaps not in the way we imagined or even desired. Nonetheless, in the middle of the love and losses, messes and mistakes it is so vitally important to seek Him. Because when we earnestly seek, we will find Him.

And when we find Jesus, we find that He is enough. And when He is enough, He is all we need. When He is all we need and we are filled to the brim, it’s time to pour out. It’s time to empty our pockets. Because, even in the midst of messy, we can create ripples of influence for His glory.