Fruit of the Spirit & Sweet Potato Fries

It had already been a long day and it was only mid-afternoon. Up early for work and a restless night’s sleep added to my fatigue. By the time I clocked out, take-out from one of my favorite restaurants sounded appealing. I was tired, hungry and ready to be home....

When All is Said and Done

When All is Said and Done

After placing my order, I stepped to the side as instructed by the friendly young woman behind the counter. I glanced about, noticing the other customers. Traffic zoomed by outside. The sun was shining. I checked the clock on my phone. No need to rush. As my smoothie...

Pointing Others Toward the Cross of Christ

Pointing Others Toward the Cross of Christ

He wasn’t supposed to be there. But he was. He wasn’t supposed to have a press pass. But he did. As a rookie photojournalist, my husband was handed an opportunity of a lifetime. In June of 1982, he found himself standing within arm’s reach of the Saint of Calcutta....

The main thing to know about me is that I am a sold out Jesus follower. He is the love of my life. I became a believer at 14 and though there have been some detours and stumbles along the way, I have been running hard and fast after Him since I surrendered my life as a teenager. I love my family dearly and am secure in their love for me. However, I have come to understand that no one loves me like Jesus. He will, and has, moved mountains for me. He is faithful and true and always on time.

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